Mousetrap - Melonhand


These MP3 players I’m sure they sound great

Heck if I had one then I could play it.

Productions up, and quality’s down

What new musicians HA! they think they’ve found.

I’m a DJ , I don’t have to play

Just give me headphones and then watch me get laid.

Check out my cell phone, get set say cheeze!

Just took your picture what’s your email please

Hey baby it’s a brand new mouse trap

What space technology has in store

Hey baby it’s a brand new mouse trap

They keep on thinking them up better & better

Automatic, assault rifle

When some get happy, it can be quite an eye full.

Too good for deer, too good for hunting

Come on solder, let’s send them running

Aristocracy & technocrats

Let’s take no prisoners gen’ral, we don’t want that

There’s Reagan’s Star Wars, missile defense shield

Let’s get this bloated pork deal shined and sealed!

Super conductor, accelerator

Is it not so Strange, Truth, Beauty and Color

How can collider, don’t even know her.

Gluon, nutrinos go out and get her.

Who thinks it up, who writes it down?

We take it in and try to look profound.

We see some evil. We see some good.

We’d see forever if that we could.

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