L'il Countryt - melonhand


My little sister is my daughter, she got funny squinting eyes.
She’s been husking corncobs, should of been back by nine.
Grandmas in the kitchen, fixing her possum pudding pie.
She knows I like my chicken – southern fried

Grandpas been running moonshine, hope the sheriff don’t find the still.
The last ones in the hog trough, I think his name was bill.
Cousin Eugene’s in the basement, he don’t see the light of day.
He’s a little disturbed you know, he don’t come out to play. No!

The sheep’s are in their booties, down by the riverside.
Little knee high’s been pleasing the hound dog and pappies going to tan his hide.
Uncle Jessie sits on the front porch, with his best friend in his hand.
Goober’s hit the big time way off in TV land

There’s a little country in everyone, there’s a little country in you!

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