Deer Love


With my pedal to the metal, be still my pumping heart
You dash across the road, across my dash you come apart Deer Love

Some say it was by accident your tender eyes caught in my lights
Twas on my speeding bumper that tenderized you deer that night Deer Love

They thought you was a rural myth but I’m a gonna take you home
Them city folks’ll never know pleasures waitin by the side of the road
Deer Love you wait beside the road, you wait for me alone
So long as you stay warm for me I mean to give this dog a bone!
Deer Love

Your supple limbs grow stiff alas our short-lived love affairs grows cold
And so I throw your body –top my car and drive you home, Deer Love

Our rendezvous’s just memory, I pause to reminiscience
Thanks for stocking up my freezer, to dine with you’s sheer bliss—Deer Love


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