Burned Again - melonhand


Had a new idea and a plan to see it through
Did just exactly what I was supposed to do
Was working out just fine, was gonna do it all again.
That’s when it all happened…
I got burned again.

I had a new invention, with a patent on the way.
Devised the solution to make all my problems go away.
Turned my back for just a second and here’s a hint to clue you in.
I let my enemies get behind me and then….
I got burned again!

Life’s not fair of which I’m patently aware
and it seems like no good deed goes unpunished!
With friends like these who need enemies…
And that wheel of fates she goes round again
She just do what she please!

Things looked grim, they thought I threw the towel in.
I played possum for a minute then picked myself up again.
Things got rough but somehow it all made me a little tough
So that fifty-one weeks later, I returned again….
To get Burned Again!


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