Beat-N-the System


The wheel was invented about a million BC
Ansd has been rolling right long throught out the history
IT took a cow with a plow to make a man’s food
It took a man with a plan to make the tool

There’s a beat in the system
A beat in the system for ya
You could be beat in(g) the system
Youy could be beat in(g) the system too

Well things were moving kind of slow or rather at a slow rate
Until the Rennaisance made everybdy want to be great
The things we have are not half of the things that will be what we will have with the help of our technologies

Gallileo rolled his balls down an inclined plane
And then he dropped them off a tower to see if they fell the same
But it was Newton who was shooting for the general Law
It was he who first saw the law that made them all fall

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