Sisyphus - live


Sisyphus , He had a job to get done

He was a Rock Roller

As he rolled his rock up higher

In his soul there burned a fire

When he heard the thunder roar

He sighed and wondered why

With boulder braced upon his thigh

And he thought, “What is this all for?”

He was pushing his rock higher, higher higher

And then Zeus pulled the reins

As he rolled up near the top he saw a sign that made him stop

And it read “Slippery when Wet’

Hey you know that it’s not that funny

That he saved up all his money

Just to buy an S.U.V.

And commuted to the city for a job he knew was shitty

Then later he’d escape in T.V.

He’d finally lay his head to rest

And tell himself he’d done his best

Then He’d get up -do it over again

Get up and do it over again, yeah

Do it all over again

Do it all over again, yeah

He was rolling his rock higher

In his soul there burned desire

And then he heard the thunder roar

He dropped his head and cracked a smile

Then gazed off –cross many miles

And he thought…

I’m gonna roll this rock some more!

And do it all over again

Sisyphus his job will never be done!

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