Ready to Spend


Battled on for decades the war and the death rage on

Taken killed in service, their lives just come and gone

Bloodshed stains the evening skies, their pain can’t be forgot

Survived by those who hated them, took aim then took the shot



Keep them off me my old friend

Make this sad story end

You know all we do is pretend

Do you hold your life ready to spend

Do you know where you are or what you are here for

Do you wish for it to be over or do you want to live on for more

No use in working hard for you not many days have I to live

How many hours must I fight. You say my freedom you can’t give


I hope by now you understand how I live my life today

Never getting any rest from this theatre or the play

I see my life as make believe and its grief as just bad dreams

The characters my enemies, each day a tragic scene


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